Innovation and Productmanagement Basics – Part 1


Liebe Leserinnen und Leser, dieser Artikel ist ein Rückblick auf die Vorlesung IPM-Basics im Rahmen des Masterstudiengangs  Innovations- und Produktmanagement an der Fachhochschule Wels. Ziel der Vorlesung war es, den Studentinnen und Studenten einen Überblick über die zahlreichen Facetten von Innovation und Kreativität zu geben sowie praktische Methoden und Tools kennen zu lernen.

Da ich diese Vorlesung halten durfte und das Thema perfekt zu b4development.com passt, wird der Rückblich auf diese 2 Tage folgend dargestellt. Ungewöhnlich ist lediglich die Sprache, da überwiegend Studenten außerhalb des deutschen Sprachraums an der Vorlesung teilgenommen haben.J

Dear Students,

Innovation is fun – this was the first topic of the IPM-Basics. From my point of view it was not only a topic – looking back – fun went along with us the whole two days.

So I want to say thank you again for your collaboration, curiosity and creativity. There is a huge potential available – keep at it!

I hope the quotations suit to you. If you need more inspiration you can find further quotations here - but exercise care in doing – they are only in German language J

We were talking a lot about innovation and realized that it is not that easy to define innovation exactly.

There are so many perspectives, meanings and definitions out there:

definitions of innovation

definitions of innovation

…. a bunch of innovation-types:

types of innovation

types of innovation

…. and a lot of possibilities to classify innovation:

classification of innovation

classification of innovation

I asked you about definitions of innovation and you came forward with many interesting and valuable perspectives. I think it will help you challenge your own perceptions of innovation and expand your horizon. And of course you will understand the different ways people talk about innovation.

We went through your many great comments, and together we pulled out the 3 main factors:

  • Innovation has to be new (not necessarily radical new)
  • Innovation has to be valuable (customer/company)
  • Innovation has to be economic

I like your perception that innovation has only to be economic in business context!

If you think about innovation – remember also the dimensions of innovation!

dimensions of innovation

dimensions of innovation

Stated below you can find the chats from our first day. Congratulations to your scenarios how the world could look like in 2020 and beyond.

Scenario 1:

Scenario 1 - 2020

Scenario 1 - 2020

Scenario 2:

Scenario 2 - 2020

Scenario 2 - 2020

Scenario 3:

Scenario 3 - 2020

Scenario 3 - 2020

Further conclusions and your business model innovations from the second day will follow-up shortly.

Best regards


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  1. thank you – it was very inspiring

  2. Thank you Sir, It was really inspiring, could I borrow this article for our class website too which is under make over:)

  3. We were talking a lot about innovation and realized that it is not that easy to define innovation exactly.



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